Any floor subjected to heavy foot traffic is bound to show wear and tear eventually. Furthermore, flooring can often be damaged by heavy furniture, spills, and dirt. These damages can leave your flooring and foundation vulnerable to more than just unsightly marks and stains. In fact, damaged flooring can cause:

·    Pest Infestations

·    Mold & Mildew Growth

·    Damage To Foundation

·    Unsafe Living & Working Conditions

floor epoxy

To avoid excess damage or injury from floors damaged by heavy foot traffic, utilize one or all of the following ways to protect your property’s flooring.

Durable Flooring Materials

Heavy foot traffic can wear down carpets and other light flooring materials faster than hardwood or concrete floors. Consider installing or renovating your high traffic areas with durable and long-lasting materials to ensure visually stunning floors are free from marks, scuffs, and tears.

The Floor

For businesses especially, using a protective floor epoxy is the best way to ensure that a floor will stay damage-free. Epoxy coating also has the added benefit of being moisture resistant, easy-to-clean, and capable of handling large amounts of foot traffic regularly.

Protection On Furniture

Homeowners with bulky or heavy furniture that moves around a lot should consider installing slip pads to reduce scratches and marks on the floor. Additionally, for floors sensitive to these blemishes, consider placing furniture that is lightweight or can be constructed in the home rather than dragged in by often clumsy movers.

DIYing a flooring project is never recommended. Instead, homeowners in need of a new floor due to excess damage should consider hiring a professional flooring service to handle their repair needs. Flooring companies have all of the necessary equipment and experience needed to quickly and efficiently replace, install, or coat flooring to maximize durability and protection.