New floor installation is an exciting project for any homeowner.  A new floor can enhance the atmosphere of your home, deter pests, and protect the foundation of a home.

Before a new floor can be installed, you must prepare the space to ensure timely completion. Areas ready for new flooring can take up to three days to complete.  However, failure to adequately prepare a room for renovation can delay the installation process from ten days to several weeks.

Take the following steps to ensure a safe, timely, and efficient floor installation on your property.

Other Projects

Homeowners should complete all other home renovation projects prior to installing new flooring.  This way, your other projects won’t be held up by a lack of floor, and other repair tasks won’t damage your flooring project.

Painting and drywall are best done before a new floor installation to minimize spills and debris damaging newly installed floors.

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Nothing must sit on the space where new flooring will go.  This means removing all furniture, clothing accessories, rugs, and mats.  Flooring contractors installing luxury vinyl flooring in saint charles il can complete the job much faster if they do not have to first move everything off the floor.


Every construction site, commercial or residential, should take precautions to ensure the safety of individuals around the area.  For example, homeowners need to install protective barriers that deter pets and children from entering the space.

Failure to properly secure the area could result in severe injury from the sharp debris created when installing new flooring.


It is highly recommended to hire professional contractors to install new flooring.  Any attempt to install new flooring on your own without the proper equipment could result in damage to your foundation.