There are many different cool things that you can have in your bathroom. These are going to be items that have a specific interest or meaning to you. When designing your bathroom or when talking bathroom design in lincoln, ne, here are some cool things I have seen.

Wall dispensers

This is a cool idea that you might want to implement, in your bathroom. You can use dispensers to dispense soap, you can use them for Q-Tips and you can think of a lot of different ideas.

Hidden towel cabinet

Another idea would be to have a hidden towel cabinet. Typically you would have a vanity or some shelving but if you create a cabinet that had a full length mirror on it, you could forego the wall mirror and have the larger mirror instead with a surprise behind it.

This is going to be very cool for the people that use this bathroom. You can have a nice towel storage area or you can choose to put in towels that match your bathroom d├ęcor.

Mirrors with built-in lights

If you choose to create a mirror, which has a light attached to it, then you will need to find an electrician, who is going to be able to install that.

I have seen a lot of cool mirrors like this, since I do bathroom design and I love finding new ideas for my customers.

bathroom design in lincoln, ne

Mismatched tile

If you want something really unique then mismatched tile might be the answer that you are looking for. There is no doubt that people will be talking about your bathroom. With this tile you can create some cool patterns and points of interest you and others will enjoy.

Allow yourself to be creative. When you do this ideas will come to fairly quickly and when implemented can create a fun and unique experience.